Complete Design and Drafting will help you create the family home you have always envisioned. A home that works well, feels good, is kind to the environment, culturally appropriate and reduces energy and running costs.

Sustainable home design is mostly about common sense and whether you’re building or renovating, you may as well get it right from the beginning. A sustainable home should be energy efficient and cheaper to run. It should be durable and made from materials that aren’t going to harm you or the environment. It should take into consideration how your family might change in the coming years, and adapt accordingly. Waste during construction should also be considered, for both cost and environmental impact.

How does a sustainable home design benefit me?

  • a comfortable home that specifically meets your needs
  • maximisation of natural light
  • low impact on the environment and a smaller carbon footprint
  • lower energy bills
  • a healthy (low or zero VOC) indoor air quality
  • improved sound proofing

Here are some things we consider when designing a sustainable home:

  • Passive design
  • Heating and cooling
  • Designing for your climate and site
  • Sustainable materials
  • Designing for the long haul
  • Eco-friendly

Investing upfront saves over the long term, financially and environmentally. A well designed eco home with great zoning, passive solar design, and efficient appliances and material used, will mean reduced bills for years to come.
Another important consideration for cost is size. A smaller (i.e. reduced) footprint is always going to be more sustainable and cost less than a “standard” home. Smaller homes require fewer materials to construct, less energy to run and maintain, and less water with fewer bathrooms.


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We use Complete Design & Drafting’s services for all of our new home and renovation building work. Jim has developed designs for duplexes, new builds and renovations that we have then executed. We appreciate Jim’s professional approach and his understanding of not only our clients’ needs, but his ability to produce plans that are functional and practical. Complete Design & Drafting also offer the added service of liaising with engineers and certifiers which from a builders’ perspective, helps streamline the process.

Jay Atkins, Owner/Director/Builder – Jay Atkins Constructions