This Contract is between the nominated ‘Client’ and Complete Design & Drafting Pty Ltd (CD&D). Upon acceptance and signing of this contact, the client agrees to the terms and conditions outlined.
All plans & documentation provided by CD&D to the Client are expected to seek Building Approval prior to commencement of work.
CD&D take no responsibility for any unanticipated changes of the documentation generated from the local authority or any third parties relating to Building Approval.
Complete Design & Drafting is not responsible for any undisclosed covenant requirements not allowed for, relating to the above mentioned property.
Upon receiving this form, please check that all details are correct.
This form must be signed and returned with the required deposit before any work will commence.
Once each stage is completed, we will not release plans until the required monies have been paid. This includes both Preliminary Plans and Working Drawings Issue Plans.
Regarding external consultants nothing will be organised until full payment is made.
The above payment terms will be strictly adhered to.

Time Frames

All quoted amounts are valid for 30 days only. Upon acceptance of the Agreement, the quoted amount is only valid for the duration of the specific works outlined in the Agreement. If a variation to the agreement occurs or any unforeseen delays, CD&D reserves the right to adjust its original quoted amount accordingly. Complete Design & Drafting shall perform each stage of service within a timely manner to the extent within its control. However, extra time will be granted to CD&D relating to; Information request from Clients, variations from clients, Consultants delivery time and any unforeseen issues. All time frames quoted are approximate only.


All consultants engaged are required to fulfil a specialised requirement (e.g. Engineer, Town Planner, etc). Consultants engaged are experts in their own field and are outside the Complete Design and Drafting ‘scope of works’. CD&D are not responsible for the services provided by specialised consultants.


All plans and documentation remain the copyright property of Complete Design & Drafting Pty Ltd. Any release of copyright must be obtained in writing from Complete Design & Drafting P/L. Upon full payment for all services, C.D.&D. grants a release of copyright to the Client for the purposes of the nominated Site address only.

Information supplied by client

In the event that the client supplies to the designer any design information, sketches or other paper writing, the client hereby covenants, warrants and represents that any copyright that may subsist in the documentation is owned by the client and the client hereby grants license to the designer to use and reproduce any of the same for the express purpose of completing the work under the contract.
The Client hereby agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified the Designer against any actions, claims or demands whatsoever or howsoever arising that may be brought against the designer out of or incidental to the supply of documentation by the designer. Such indemnity to include all costs including legal costs on a solicitor/own basis and the designer’s time and expenses calculated at the rate set out in this contract relative to or incidental to the defence of any such litigation.

Sales & Marketing

Complete Design & Drafting reserve the right to use any information (E.g., plans, photos, documentation, correspondence, etc.) relating to the project for marketing and promotional use. If the client does not authorise this use, notification must be issued in writing to Complete Design & Drafting at the time of engagement.

Variations & Changes

Any variation to the Agreement outlined in the ‘General project description’ and the agreed scope of works will incur an additional fee. Variations will be charged on an hourly rate basis ($100.00/hour plus GST) unless otherwise agreed in writing.


If a termination of contract is requested, the Client shall make payment to CD&D for any expenses incurred relating to the works outlined in this agreement.

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